Why Seal Your Driveway

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If you are looking to maintain or restore the luster to your driveway there are five primary reasons to seal your driveway this spring or summer. 

1. Seal Coating Extends Pavement Life. 

Seal coating adds a protective layer over your driveway acting as a shell that protects the driveway from the elements. This is especially true during our harsh Canadian winters that bring cold temperature, precipitation and frost. 

2. Driveway Sealing Prevents High Repair Costs. 

A driveway no seal coated is exposed to the elements means that eventually over time cracks or potholes will develop. This means that sooner or later you will need a new driveway. Give yourself enhanced peace of mind and avoid these potential costs with seal coating. 

3. Seal Coating Protects Against Water and Cracking

Your unprotected driveway is vulnerable to water damage from melted snow falling into the cracks and freezing. When the frozen water from the melted snow expands this causes even larger cracks to form. A sealed driveway protects against this type of damage by keeping water out. 

4. Driveway Sealing Prevents Damage from Auto Fluids. 

When oil or gas fall onto the asphalt or driveway surface it softens the surface causing breaking and cracking. Protect your driveway from damage caused by fluids that weaken the surface by sealing your driveway today. 

5. Seal Coating Protects from the Drying Rays of the Sun

Much like your skin your driveway needs protections from the suns rays to prevent, drying, fading or discoloration. Driveway sealing keeps your driveway surface looking new and beautiful year round. 

Protect Your Driveway! Seal Your Driveway! 

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